Dam Covers

DDT Liners supplies and installs Floating Covers for Evaporation Control as well for Containment Purposes.


Stored water losses from evaporation can total as much as 2 to 2.5 metres depth per year, in many of Australia’s irrigation areas.

Independent testing has shown that evaporation can be reduced by 95% for every m2 covered by Evap Cap.

Other features of Evap Cap:

  • Best installed when pond/dam is full, or nearly full

  • Reduces algae significantly

  • Automatically “harvests” rainfall

  • Reduces build-up of salinity

  • Reduces wave-action caused bank erosion

  • Australian made for Australian (high UV) conditions

  • Warranty 5 years (or up to 10 years for the thicker version).


HDPE, LDPE, and PP (reinforced, or unreinforced) are regularly used for floating covers – for evaporation control and/ or for containment purposes.

Typically these types will need supplementary buoyancy to be added, and some means (eg. pumps) to decant rainwater from the cover.

Non-bubble floating covers are usually installed with the pond empty, but DDT Liners have plenty of experience in building/installing covers on already full ponds.

Employment Opportunities

DDT Liners have a solid permanent staff base. However, we are willing to consider potential employees for both permanent and casual positions.

DDT Liners has a NIL TOLERANCE Drug & Alcohol Policy. Our staff are rigorously tested to ensure the safety of themselves and fellow staff members. We also perform pre-employment medicals to ensure any potential employees are fit to perform the kind of work we do.

If you’re interested in applying for a position, please either email your resume to ddtliners@ddtliners.com.au or post to: DDT Liners, PO Box 6493, Toowoomba West Qld 4350